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We facilitate the process of adapting to a new environment
When moving to a new country or city, we have to dedicate a considerable amount of time to discovering places and new ways of doing different things, from the most basic needs through to the more specific ones. This is by no means easy. And it is even more difficult when we want the best, yet have little time to spare. It is important to bear in mind that, while the process involves a change of place, the person and the family remain the same. For this reason, well-being and comfort are of primary importance. Our Relocation Service provides you with an expert guide to accompany you with everything that may be required to make your adaptation fast, easy and welcoming.
Some of the most important services that we offer are:
Real Estate Advice: We look for a suitable home for each client in the area they want.

Interior decoration: We choose the furniture and accessories with great care to create the perfect home.

Management of schooling, undergraduate and graduate study programmes: Advice and visits to different educational institutions of high recognition.

Advice for project development: strategic direction or contact with the corresponding entities according to each sector. Analysis of markets and circumstances.

Management of administrative matters: Handling the documentation needed for residence purposes, medical insurance, bank accounts, public services and other needs.

Personal Shopper: Image consultancy and accompaniment to the best boutiques and shopping centres, spas and hairdressers.

Introduction to the culture: An explanation of the habits, customs and particularities of the environment and its language.

Transport and private security services: Luxury vehicles with professional bilingual drivers.