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Mirum Plus, your personal consultant in Bogota
Our company offers relocation services.

We provide consulting services for executives who have been relocated or wish to initiate a new business venture in the city of Bogota.
Thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals and an extensive network of collaborators, the company offers personalised consulting services tailored to each executive and family.
We tend to the needs of executives and their families so they can initiate their activities in the city, all the while facilitating and ensuring that the process is a pleasant one.

Why Mirum Plus?
Our professional experience has led us to live in different areas of America and Europe.

As a result, we are familiar with the needs of high level executives during the relocation process in their new destination both in terms of looking for housing and the resources they need to adapt and live worry free.
We know Bogota and its surroundings perfectly and so we guarantee an easy, comfortable and quick adaptation to the city. Therefore, the company, executives and their families can save time and money while eliminating complications.
We are committed to personally tending to our customers by offering exclusive and personalised services based on their individual needs.
Mirum Plus: Meeting the specific needs of every client!

What mirum plus offers
• We design custom solutions for each individual.
• We ensure that you and your family are comfortable in Bogota.

• We offer various options so you can assess which one best suits your needs.
• We keep you informed of events and economic and cultural advantages the country and its capital have to offer.
• We provide you and your families with everything you need and should know about the city; all you have to do is contact us.